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Post-Snowpocalypse Garden Triage Guide

With the snow melting away, try to stay calm as you assess the damage your garden may have sustained during this last snowpocalyptic cold snap.

EB Stone Planting Compost at Cornell Farm

Time to Mulch!

Mulching is a vital component to organic gardening and we're still in the serious mulching season here in the Portland area.  That's because our soils have usually cooled and been wetted thoroughly by this time, which is the ideal state in which to apply mulch. A couple of tips— add 2 inches per season at the most, or the rain has a hard time getting through the layer, and make sure that you leave a 3 inch diameter ring of bare soil around the stem or trunk of each plant. However, any plants like hostas or daylilies that have already died back completely can have mulch spread right over their crowns, they’ll just come up through it in the spring.

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Cornell Farm Legacy Project

Every day, customers share their memories of how our family and farm have touched their lives. They range from grandpa Ted rotovating many of the local West Hills gardens, or Deby’s garden demos at elementary schools inspiring a new generation of plant enthusiasts, to the tranquility and hope a walk through the flowers provides after a difficult visit to the hospital or cemetery. 

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