Call of the Wild!

A Valentine's Day Gift Guide

A full, beautiful bouquet has long been the centerpiece of a romantic Valentine’s Day. But unlike those flowers, which will soon fade, the love we share with those closest to us continues to grow and prosper throughout our lives.

Living Bouquets  

Cornell Farm Houseplant Arrangement.jpg

Besides being less prone to sloshing water all over the car, live plant arrangements can provide the same vibrant floral splash as traditional cut-flower bouquets, but will continue to thrive for years instead of days. 

Tropical plant centerpieces can most directly take the place of the traditional bouquet. Available in every size from two inches on up, these living arrangements can take center stage on a candle-lit dining table, credenza or mantle. They can include succulents, tropicals, and a huge variety of flowering houseplants like orchids, African violets, or kalanchoes. If you create your own, make sure to pick plants with similar light and water needs for maximum success. 

Outdoor planters provide an even wider range of pots and plants to choose from! Plus, we can take advantage of the wonderful seasons we have to create arrangements with layered transformations that will continue to restyle the planter throughout the year. Beautiful winter-blooming plants like cyclamen, primroses and hellebores can be layered with spring-flowering bulbs and summer-flowering gems. 

Whether you choose to put together your own, have one designed for you, or pick one up ready to go, these miniature instant gardens will bring a fresh burst of life to your beloved’s home well into the future you share! 


Nothing Says “I Love You” like a Tuber

Not for the faint of heart, tubers and roots symbolize the strongest trust and commitment to the future. A cluster of roots and sticks may not be much to look at in February, but these enduring Valentine’s Day gifts will transform into a lush floral greeting card, delivering your promises of love every time your Valentine walks through the garden in the seasons to come.

Summer-flowering bulbs like Dahlias, Lilies, and Crocosmia come in such an astonishing array of flower colors, sizes, and shapes! Unfortunately for sweethearts everywhere, they are often passed over as Valentine’s Day gifts just because they happen to be dormant in mid-February and look more like fingerling potatoes than the explosive profusion of colorful flowers that is just a few short months away. Once they begin blooming in the summer, the abundance of blooms created by a single plant will provide flowers enough for the garden in addition to lush bouquets for the home. 

Rose bushes offer perhaps the widest range of color and fragrance of any garden flower. Somehow, they are also passed over for their cut flower brethren simply because they’re dormant in mid-February and without any blooms. This time of year they’re most commonly available bare root, which can make for a tricky presentation. That’s why I’m so excited about the newly introduced David Austin bare root gift boxes. Printed top to bottom with gorgeous color photos, limited quantities will be available in six heirloom varieties. For those who can proceed without the glossy photos though, you’ll have your pick from dozens and dozens of varieties! 

Peonies might just be the most exotic dormant root you could find. Their wonderfully fragrant blooms come in a vast array of rich, luminous colors that sit nestled atop full, luscious foliage. Unlike dahlias and bare-root roses, peonies are found this time of year already potted up. With nothing but a few nubs popping through the soil, the astonishing transformation to full bloom happens in as little as three months! 

Whether you’re replacing that short-lived bouquet with an alluring potted arrangement, demonstrating your commitment to the future with a tuber or a root, or even just looking to brighten your own day, there is nothing that enhances our lives the way living plants can. 

You Can't Go Wrong...

If you're still not entirely sure exactly what will spark the discerning eye of your special someone, there's always the gift of infinite choice! Our gift cards can be redeemed towards anything here at Cornell Farm!