Soils & Mulches

We carry a complete line of soils, mulches and amendments to ensure that your plants always have the best possible growing conditions.  

Potting Soils

Potting soils are specially formulated to set plants up for success in outdoor and indoor container gardens of all kinds - pots, hanging baskets, raised garden beds, or any other container that's up off the ground.

Cornell Farm Potting Soil

Cornell Farm Organic Potting Soil

Custom formulated by us for container planting both indoors and out.

This is the same well-draining mix we grow all our plants in and lasts longer in pots than any of our other soils.


EB Stone Edna's Best Potting Soil at Cornell Farm

Edna's Best Potting Soil - E.B. Stone Organics

Contains mycorrhizal fungi which are the beneficial organisms colonizing the roots of most plants and which become a natural extension of the root system. This all-purpose soil also retains moisture better and is ideal for hanging baskets and container edibles.

EB Stone Ultimate Recipe Potting Soil at Cornell Farm

Ultimate Recipe Potting Soil - E.B. Stone Organics

An innovative blend of the finest quality ingredients available today, this is our richest potting soil. It is crafted to provide an excellent start for you to grow the indoor or outdoor container veggies, flowers, or herbs you’ve always wanted. It is ideal for high performance vegetable or flower containers.

This is a 100% natural and organic combination of aged fir bark, coir, sphagnum peat moss, pumice, and earthworm castings. It provides excellent aeration, along with moisture retention and is designed to stimulate vigorous root growth and encourage strong top growth. We’ve added feather meal, seabird guano, crab meal, kelp meal, bat guano, and fish bone meal for even more rich, organic material. Plus, your plants will enjoy the help of our selected mix of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae. These further boost the root environment for outstanding plant growth.

EB Stone Raised Bed Potting Mix At Cornell Farm

Raised Bed Potting Mix - E.B. Stone Organics

Formulated specifically for raised-bed gardening, this can be used as a stand-alone soil or mixed with native garden soil into raised beds.  Rich compost holds the nutrients plants need, coir (coconut fiber) holds moisture in the root zone, naturally-aged forest fiber feeds soil microbes and provides organic matter, volcanic pumice drains away excess water, and beneficial microbes enhance the plant’s root structure.


Made up of 100% organic material, mulch is great for digging into native garden soil to break it up and enrich it with extra organic matter, or as a top dressing for planting beds or pathways. There are few gifts you can give your garden that are more beneficial than adding mulch. It moderates soil temperature all year, holds in moisture during the dry season, suppresses weeds (and makes the weeds you do have far easier to pull out), adds organic material to our dense clay soils, and gives every bed a beautiful finished appearance. Ardent gardeners actually add mulch twice a year, in the fall and again in early spring. Mulches are not recommended for use in pots or containers.

EB Stone Plating Compost at Cornell Farm

Planting Compost - E.B. Stone Organics

An ideal soil builder for all soil types, its versatile formulation makes it an excellent feeding mulch for top dressing or mixing into native garden soil for in-ground planting. 

Two sizes: 1.5 cubic foot bag and the 2.8 cubic foot bale (pictured)


EB Stone Flower and Vegetable Planting Mix at Cornell Farm

Flower & Vegetable Planting Mix - E.B. Stone Organics

This is a unique blend of organic ingredients designed to meet the growing needs of most bedding plants. Use it to amend the garden's native soil or mix with products like the Raised Bed Potting Mix in the ground or in raised beds. 


EB Stone Hemlock Bark at Cornell Farm

Hemlock Bark - E.B. Stone Organics

The classic mulch for adding that final finish to any planting bed, our decorative Hemlock Bark has the distinct advantage over other bark-based products of being completely sliver free. This hard-working mulch also suppresses weeds and helps break up clay soil while looking great.


Hazelnut Shell Mulch at Cornell Farm

Hazelnut Shells

Twice-cracked hazelnut shells last longer than any of our other mulches. Because they break down so slowly, a good layer of shells can last up to seven years, making them a great choice for paths as well as beds. As a bonus, the crunchy texture repels slugs and keeps cats from using your garden as a litter box. 

Specialty Soils

These specialty soil mixes are more narrowly formulated for their particular tasks, and are recommended just for those specific situations. 

EB Stone Top Coat Seed Cover and Mulch at Cornell Farm

Top Coat Seed Cover & Mulch - E.B. Stone Organics

A pre-composted mulch with a very fine texture.  

Use as a seed cover for newly planted or renovated lawns. 


EB Stone Organic Top Soil Plus at Cornell Farm

 Top Soil Plus - E.B. Stone Organics

A unique blend of sandy loam, redwood compost and mushroom compost, this is a general-purpose soil mixture developed to use as a garden bed fill material or a soil conditioner in the garden. It's important to know it doesn't contain any added nutrients, so when planting directly into Top Soil Plus, use it in conjunction with a nutrient-rich compost and fertilizer.