Rose 'Legends'

Bred by Weeks Roses • Monstrous buds and Humungous blossoms of rich ruby red hold their durable brilliance from beginning to end.
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Immense petals (just one can cover a child’s palm) lend a classical Hybrid Tea bud shape, slowly spiraling open to a ruffled whopper of a show-stopper. Large lettuce-like leaves of an unusual reddened green color gracefully enrobe the long cutting stems – in perfect proportion to the flower. Who needs a bouquet??? It only takes one Prodigious posy to fill a vase. Most massive in the spring.

Rose pre-ordering begins in October and pre-ordered roses are available for pickup or delivery by early March of the following year.

Dormant Roses

When the roses are are ready in early March, they will still be in their dormant stage, with only tiny little buds beginning to form on top, and the roots just beginning to fill into the pot.
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