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Post Holiday Pickup

Let us recycle the the Christmas Tree for you! We pickup the three Saturdays after Christmas.

See below for details:


Marriage Saver Tree Setup

We take all the stress out of tree setup! We’ll set the tree up in your home with its stand securely installed, positioned just right (and perfectly straight) and filled with water. All that’s left to do is decorate!


Wild Noble Fir

The quintessential Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and native to the Northwest, Wild Nobles are left to grow naturally, which leaves more space between the branches.

Starting at: $55.00

The Pilgrim

English Shrub Rose - Bred by David Austin • Clothed in blooms throughout the summer and into autumn


The Alnwick Rose

English Shrub Rose - Bred by David Austin • An exceptionally reliable rose with richly fragrant blooms.


Lady of the Lake

English Shrub Rose - Bred by David Austin • A very healthy and floriferous rambler, bearing sprays of pretty flowers


The Lark Ascending

English Shrub Rose - Bred by David Austin • A tall, airy shrub with clusters of fragrant, semi-double blooms.



English Shrub Rose - Bred by David Austin • An outstanding garden plant bearing neat and fragrant rosettes.


Fighting Temeraire

English Shrub Rose - Bred by David Austin • An award-winning rose bearing masses of very large, single flowers.


Cinco Classic Tree Stand

Every year, we install hundreds of Christmas Tree Stands for our customers, and these are easily our favorite!

Starting at: $28.99

Organic Noble Fir

A new introduction for 2018 is a limited quantity of organically grown Noble Firs. Like the Wild Nobles, they are left to grow naturally, which leaves more space between the branches.

Starting at: $69.00

Nordmann Fir

Looking very similar to a Noble fir, Nordmanns have a solid reputation for outlasting every other species of cut tree indoors.

Starting at: $59.00

Noble Fir

Native to the Northwest, Nobles are often considered the quintessential Christmas tree. It naturally grows into a traditional pyramid form and has strong branching, plus that signature spicy aroma.

Starting at: $30.00

Grand Fir

Another native and favorite in the Northwest, Grands are by far the most fragrant tree. They have a very full form with lighter-duty branches that are best suited for lights, garlands, and lighter ornaments.

Starting at: $69.00

Fraser Fir

Native to the Appalachian Mountains, Frasers have strong branches that turn upwards slightly, making it the most compact of the cut trees. The deep blue/green needles are silver on the bottom and give off a light, pleasant fragrance.

Starting at: $65.00

Douglas Fir

Another species native to the Northwest, Doug Firs have lighter-duty branches with very soft needles and a mild, sweet fragrance. Because they are fast growers, they are also among the least expensive cut trees.

Starting at: $39.00

Cecile Brunner Climber

Bred by Monrovia •  A favorite rose for cutting, especially for miniature bouquets. Small, delicately pointed buds open to fragrant, light pink, double blooms in large sprays. An ever popular climber for a trellis or arbor.


Flower Carpet Yellow

Bred by Monrovia •  A fuss-free, flowering shrub that produces large sprays of attractive yellow flowers. A mid-season bloomer that repeats throughout the season. This disease resistant rose is tolerant of heat and mild drought once established.


Flower Carpet White

Bred by Monrovia •  A fuss-free shrub with sparkling white blooms over an extra long flowering season. Resistant to mildew and black spot, and quite tolerant of drought once established. Exceptionally versatile.


Flower Carpet Scarlet

Bred by Monrovia •  This fuss-free rose produces a profusion of brilliant, scarlet red flowers. Blooms from spring through fall. Glossy, dark green foliage is mildew and black spot resistant. Stunning when massed as a groundcover.


Flower Carpet Red

Bred by Monrovia •  An incredibly prolific bloomer that provides vivid color from spring until winter. Forms a low mound, covered with velvety, red flowers with bright yellow centers. Highly disease resistant foliage is dark green with burgundy edges.


Flower Carpet Amber

Bred by Monrovia • A profusion of soft red rosebuds open to lovely, semi-double, peachy amber blooms. The blossoms are fragrant - a first for the Flower Carpet series of easy care groundcover roses! Excellent heat and humidity tolerance.


Rose & Flower Food 4lb Bag

E.B. Stone Rose and Flower Food is a blend of select natural ingredients designed to encourage sturdy growth and flowering in roses, perennials and other flowering plants.


Sure Start 4lb Bag

There is no better way to ensure a healthy plant than to add Sure Start into the planting hole every time you go to plant. Whether it's inside, outside, in a pot, or in the ground, whenever you dig a hole, add the Sure Start.

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