Cinco Classic Tree Stand

Every year, we install hundreds of Christmas Tree Stands for our customers, and these are easily our favorite!
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Here's why we love these stands:

  • They hold lots of water. The most important thing you can do to maximize the life of your tree is never let it run out of water.
  • Heavy-duty Plastic. Made to last in the USA with thick, durable plastic that won't flex or crack like other plastic stands are prone to do.
  • Metal where it counts. Bolt assemblies are all metal, so you never have to worry about stripped threads.
  • They protect your floors. The plastic underside won't scratch and a lip wraps around the base to catch any stray drips of water.

Which stand should you pick? The size ratings on all of these stands are generous, and unless your tree is particularly narrow or sparely branched, we recommend using the following guidelines:

4' Stand - Perfect for any tree up to about 3 feet tall.

8' Stand - Perfect for most trees between 3 and 7 feet tall.

10' Stand - Perfect for most trees between 7 and 9 feet tall.

12' Stand - Perfect for most trees between 9 and 12 feet tall.


  • Grand Firs are more densely branched and we recommend getting the next size up if you're tree is close to one of the above size brackets
  • Silvertips, Fraser Firs and Wild Nobles are more sparsely branched, so following the manufacturer's stand rating is generally ok.

Note: For trees taller than 10 feet, or if you have any questions about which stand is right for your tree, please contact us in person or by phone for specific advice.

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