Portland's Premium Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

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About Our Pop-Up Christmas Tree Farm

2017 marks our largest ever selection of freshly cut Christmas Trees! All told, we'll have over 1,500 trees from 2 feet to 13 feet tall. 

We bring all our trees in the week of Thanksgiving from family-owned, sustainable Christmas tree farms in Oregon and Washington.

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Noble Fir

Sold out for 2017  Native to the Northwest, Nobles are often considered the quintessential Christmas tree. It naturally grows into a traditional pyramid form and has strong branching, plus that signature spicy aroma. 


Nordmann Fir

Looking almost identical to a Noble fir, Nordmanns have a solid reputation for outlasting every other species of cut tree indoors. Their branches are a little stronger, the needles are a little darker, and their fragrance is minimal, which makes them the best choice for those who tend to suffer from allergies around other varieties. 

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Silvertip Fir

Sold out for 2017 Probably the most elegant Christmas Tree species, Silvertips get their name from the metallic silver of the bark and needles. Wide, even spacing between strong branches also make these perfect for larger ornaments. The only tree we carry that doesn’t grow in the Northwest, Silvertips can only be found at higher elevations (4,600 ft and above) in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. 


Douglas Fir

Sold out for 2017  A third species native to the Northwest, Doug Firs have lighter-duty branches with very soft needles and a mild, sweet fragrance. Because they are fast growers, they are also among the least expensive cut trees


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Grand Fir

Sold out for 2017  Another native and favorite in the Northwest, Grands are by far the most fragrant tree. They have a very full form with lighter-duty branches that are best suited for lights, garlands, and lighter ornaments.

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Fraser Fir

Sold out for 2017  Native to the Appalachian Mountains, Frasers have strong branches that turn upwards slightly, making it the most compact of the cut trees. The deep blue/green needles are silver on the bottom and give off a light, pleasant fragrance. 

 Huge Christmas Trees: we bring in Noble Firs up to 13 feet tall! We can either load it on or in your vehicle, or deliver and set it up in your home or office. 

Huge Christmas Trees: we bring in Noble Firs up to 13 feet tall! We can either load it on or in your vehicle, or deliver and set it up in your home or office. 

Tree Services

Free at the Store

Every tree we sell receives a fresh cut, limb trimming, your stand installed (we've also got those if you need one) and we'll load it on to your car - all complimentary!

Delivery & Setup

We can deliver your tree to your driveway or set it up inside your home - "The Marriage Saver". Plus, we’ve expanded our delivery schedule to 7 days a week through the holiday season.

Tree Recycling

Once the holidays are over, we can help make clean-up a little easier by picking up your tree and recycling it for only $25.

Tree Accessories

Other Accessories

Automatic waterers, floor protectors, tree bags and more! It's everything you need to keep your tree in tip-top shape all season long!

Tree Stands

We carry a range of our preferred Christmas Tree stands sized to fit all the trees we sell. Whether you're looking for a little table-top tree or a 14 footer, we've got you covered! 


Living Christmas Trees

If you’re thinking of a living tree this year, we have more than 30 different varieties to choose from and the advice to keep them happy throughout the season.