About the Cafe

Our philosophy

We work hard to provide our guests with the same level of quality and experience that has made the Nursery a Portland destination for more than 30 years. In the Cafe, it all starts with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients that change with the seasons.

We smoke, cure, and grill our own meats, grow our own microgreens, source our other produce from local farms, and go out of our way to source the very best ingredients for all of our food and beverages.


Frequently Asked Cafe Questions

Ordering   All food and drink orders are taken at the espresso bar. If you're ordering food, we'll give you a number on an adorable seed packet to take to your table so we know where to bring your delicious meal. 

Reservations  At this time, we do not take reservations. We recommend parties of 6 or more plan on arriving before 11am or after 1pm to make sure you can sit together.

Food Allergies  Because we make almost everything from scratch with fresh ingredients, we're able to make accommodations for most dietary restrictions including dairy, wheat, and nuts. Please let us know about any allergies when placing your order.