Beneficial Insects

A healthy beneficial insect population will naturally keep your local ecosystem in balance.

Mason Bees

2017 Availability: They're here!

Looking more like a fly than a typical bee, Mason Bees do the tough work of pollinating the late-winter crops and nearly all the fruit trees before it's warm enough for the honeybees. Plus, this beneficial bee does't sting!  

Mason Bee Houses - We have a full selection of Mason Bee houses and accessories to give your new bees a home. 

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Lady Bugs

2017 Availability: Spring

Lady Bugs wage a lifelong (as long as three years!) crusade against aphids, wherever they may hide. 

Praying Mantis at Cornell Farm.jpg

Praying Mantis

2017 Availability: Spring

The Praying Mantis is the jet fighters of the insect-eating world, eating azalea lace bugs, moths, flies, grasshoppers, and also aphids! 


2017 Availability: Coming Soon

Nematodes are the unsung heroes of beneficial insects. These microscopic organisms seek out and destroy vine and root weevils, flea larvae, cutworms, and crane fly larvae!